Strengths-Based Leadership

The Reality – Being a supervisor today is not what it used to be. A variety of factors have made our organizations more complex and challenging and supervisors are expected to do much more than keep the bus on the road. They are being asked to coach, lead, inspire, teach, and so much more. Yet the data is a bit grim.

Productivity is only 50% of actual capacity.

Only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged.

Managers spend 40% of their time handling conflicts.

And the #1 reason people quit their jobs is due to a bad boss or supervisor.

The Possibility – It doesn’t have to be this way. Through the utilization of the Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 Assessment – this leadership course will resource supervisors to outperform these metrics and bring positive change to their teams and organizations. By leveraging a strengths-based approach, you will learn how to maximize yourself and your team for greater effectiveness, performance, and engagement. The challenge is real, but not impossible. Join us for this 2-day experience, put on your possibility pants, and let’s create some big impact.

Dates & Time: Tuesday & Wednesday 9am –  4pm | November 19 + 20
Where: John G. Russell Leadership Center, Grand Rapids
Investment: $325.00 | $275 for alumni or groups of 4+

Each participant will…

  • Understand and appreciate why Strengths matter and what Strengths-based development can do for your leadership, your team’s engagement and productivity, and your overall company culture.
  • Appreciate your strengths in the context of your role as a leader of a team and how you can better leverage these for greater team effectiveness.
  • Understand how Strengths can be used to develop your individual team members and be utilized for more effective supervision.
  • Understand how Strengths can be used to develop your team as a whole and increase their effectiveness with greater communication, collaboration, and execution.
  • Understand the 4 key characteristics your team is looking to you to provide.
  • Develop specific goals, strategies, and practices that will maximize you and your team’s potential.
  • Experience reductions in conflict, stress, and turnover due to increased effectiveness, productivity, engagement and happiness.

Approximately one month prior to the start date for the program, a decision will be made to cancel or run the program. AG Collaborative reserves the right to combine or divide programs or cohorts, to change the time, date, and/or location and to make other revisions in these offerings, which may become necessary. If this program is cancelled, the participants will be notified by our team and will have the option to transfer to a future session, obtain credit or receive a full refund.

Dates and Time:

November 19 + 20


John G. Russell Leadership Center
120 Front Ave. SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504


Starting at: $325.00