Impact Series: Speaking with Influence (GR)

Communication is the human medium for connection. Whether you are selling a product or pitching your organization’s vision to potential investors, effective communication is imperative. Speaking with Influence is so much more than a flashy powerpoint and buzz words – it is centered on authentic engagement, confidence and active listening. 

Not just for those making grand speeches from center stage, this Impact Series is for anyone:

+ Responsible for selling your mission, vision, or company’s product

+ Presenting to boards, stakeholders, investors, and public groups

+ Leading a business, team or workshop

+ Making proposals, pitches, presentations

In this four-part series, Abbey Johnston leverages her background in psychology & communication along with her leadership coaching and public speaking career to lead the intimate group in a highly experiential offering. Each week, participants will utilize the techniques and skills shared to make a presentation to the group for feedback along with live video recording.

Participants will walk away from this program with transformed public speaking skills and the ability to engage with others, communicate more effectively, and bring a positive impact into their work environment and world.

Dates & Time: Mondays from 1-4pm | July 8 + 15 + 22 + 29
Where: Worklab by Custer
Investment: $695.00

Increase your Influence & uncover the tools to:

+ effectively utilize verbal and nonverbal communication both “onstage” and off
+ keep your audience engaged from beginning to end
+ organize and deliver a memorable presentation
+ reduce nerves and speak with confidence
+ master the use of presentation aids (like Powerpoint)
+ start with a bang and end with greater impact
increase listening skills and improve overall communication

 *Experience is limited to a max of 8 participants

Dates & Times

Mondays from 1-4pm
July 8 + 15 + 22 + 29


Worklab by Custer
99 Monroe Ave NW #200
Grand Rapids, MI 49503