EQ, Leadership, & You.

Emotions. They are part of the human condition and – recently – many of us have been aware of them more than ever before.  We’ve felt them in response to our nation’s racial atrocities. We’ve experienced them as we’ve faced a global pandemic that turned many of our lives and rhythms upside down and now we are feeling them again as we consider reentering the workplace and are facing significant change once again.

And yet, it’s a common belief that emotions don’t belong at work. So, how does that work exactly? It doesn’t.

Here’s what we know. Emotions happen.  They come with us wherever we go.  As leaders, our job is not to ignore them but get smart about them.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a primary driver of leadership effectiveness. EQ expert Daniel Goleman credits emotional intelligence for 90% of the difference between star performers and average ones in senior leadership roles.

EQ is essential to lead successfully.

Join the AGC team in collaboration with MVD Coaching on June 25th at noon to discover more about EQ and – more specifically – yours. This workshop will explore the basics of emotional intelligence, implications for leadership and unpack the results from your Personalized EQ Assessment.

There are 4 primary elements of Emotional Intelligence:
Social awareness
Relationship management 

The EQ Assessment (which you will complete prior to the workshop & bring to the June 25 session) measures your proficiency in the above areas and offers concrete examples for how to increase your EQ.

The workshop is free – the assessment is $35. You will receive an assessment link and details for completion upon registration.

Date & Time:

June 25, 2020

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Virtual Workshop