AGC Coaching – 3 Pack

“You know that I could use somebody…”

Are you singing this under your breath while balancing work from home, making pb&j’s and planning your kiddos next lesson? Or humming the tune under your PPE during another long shift on the front lines? You may even be singing out loud to fill the kinda lonely space due to a job change and shelter-in-place.

We hear you.

And we are here for you.

Life is tough right now, for everyone. Coaching can be an immensely helpful resource during times of significant transition.

The AGC Coaching Team is ready to meet you right where you are and provide safe space for you to process; connect with your values and purpose; and navigate the next steps as we all transition out of pandemic and into a new reality.

We are offering a reduced rate Coaching Package – 3 Sessions for $225.

These are at a deeply discounted rate and in a smaller quantity as a way to flex and fit the time and financial constraints that most are facing.

If you could use somebody…

  • To listen

  • To remind you who you are

  • To expand possibilities of what is next

Pick up your package and an AGC Coach will be in touch with next steps!


3 Coaching Sessions to be used in June + July

Limit 2 packages per person

Purchase by May 31

Session times subject to our team availability





Sold Out