What’s In Your Bag?

They say it’s rude to look in a woman’s purse…

by Vanessa Rodriguez | March 2023

Hello, March! We can’t believe you’re already here. Lots of things have changed over the past few months. We have fresh programs in the works, new goals, and two new faces on the team (Hi, Becca + Joseph!). But one thing hasn’t changed is using this blog as an opportunity to get REAL with y’all. Which is why, this month, we’re revealing our deepest darkest secrets… well not actually, but pretty close! We will be showing you all the things we absolutely cannot live without- so much so that we carry them with us every day…

This month we are showing you what’s in our bags!

Take a peek at a couple of our team’s pictures and items below and, please, let us know if you carry any of the same things with you every day (so we feel a little more normal)!

#1. Kari

Item 1 –
See that cute little zippy bag? It is one of my fave gifts from Abigail, stitched by her bestie at Wander Quilted Goods. It holds all of the essentials – mostly old, almost empty rocketbook pens and ALSO chargers, bobby pins and the like.

Item 2 – Wild Soul Runes book is a recent add. My mama, sister, cousin and I are embarking on a 33 month journey to building relationship with the runes – ancient, magical, symbols + beings.

Item 3 – Watercolor paints were an item of the day special – snagged quickly from Family Fare on a team snack run for some less-mess painting with my 4-year old artist.

Item 4 – MacroBar – protein decadence flavor. The best flavor in my opinion if you don’t have a tree nut allergy. It tastes like my Little Debbie fudge brownie grown up.

#2. Vanessa

Item 1 –
My ride or die, my 40 oz. Stanley tumbler! I was lucky enough to snag one of these while they were still on the shelves, and it has become my only personality trait. It’s also helping me remember to HYDRATE (because how silly would it look to carry around a 5 pound water bottle and not use it…).

Item 2 – My current Costco fave and must buy- La Boulangere Pains Au Chocolat. AKA really yummy, mini chocolate croissants! Individually wrapped, so they’re a perfect on-the-go work treat.

Item 3 – The hard to find, but my all time favorite, Strawberry Apricot Redbull. Because sometimes coffee just doesn’t do the trick.

Item 4 – One of my favorite Christmas gifts to date- a journal where I can map out all of my plans to take over the world! Get ready, because I’ve almost filled all the pages already ;).

There you have it, a look behind the scenes! Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook for more fun and inspirational content from your fave leadership development pros.

– The AGC Team

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  1. Kari Bergman

    Thank you for having a tide to-go pen on hand when I needed it most. I can’t wait for the day when you take over the world.


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