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Cultivating Change Mindsets

Change is inevitable and happening all around us. Leaders often focus on the process shifts and forget about the impact change can have on their team. In this webinar, Chrissy will share why leaders need to focus on their people as much (if not more!) than the process.

Join us for this free 1 hour webinar where you will leave with strategies and mindset shifts to help your team navigate through uncertain times!

Wednesday August 28, 2024

12:00 – 1:00 PM EST

70% of change initiatives fail to produce positive results

What to Expect:

Part of successfully navigating change, at any level, rests on our ability to reckon with our relationship to change and create space to lead our teams through uncertainty, resistance and loss. In this webinar, Chrissy will walk you through these key mindset shifts:

  • The best leaders expect resistance, and work to understand and empathize with the ways their team members are experiencing change.
  • Change starts with loss. Effective change leaders expect it, name it, and support their team members through it. 
  • Effective change leaders battle uncertainty with information and clarity (including what is not yet known).

SHRM credit is available for this workshop.


Meet Chrissy!

Meet Chrissy Heyne, the newest addition to the AG Collaborative team! Chrissy is sunshine embodied, and comes to us with 15+ years experience helping leaders and organizations build better relationships and stronger cultures – knowing that this leads to higher levels of collaboration, problem solving, genuine feedback and powerful coaching. 

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