Unlocking Strengths

An intro to CliftonStrengths for teams

3-Hour Virtual or In-Person Experience

Bring us in-house to your team.

Unlocking Strengths is an entry point into professional development for every person in your organization. Equipped with their Top 5 CliftonStrengths, individuals and their managers will gain a new level of awareness to better understand themselves and others.


Program Format

3 Hour Virtual or In-Person Experience

Mix of teaching content and highly interactive small and large group activities and discussions


In this program participants will:

  • Understand the power of strengths for themselves and their team
  • Build awareness around the unique contribution they bring to the team
  • Leave with practical tools to develop and apply their distinctive strengths at work
  • Develop a shared language to better communicate with their team

Meet your Facilitators

Kat and Kari are magic makers. Together, they weave circles of connection and belonging, inspiring growth and transformation for the individual and collective. 

Kari is an empath and word witch. She fills the room with wisdom and humor and stands with a fierce grip on the vision of a more beautiful world, for all. Kat is joy and curiosity embodied. Her insightful questions cut straight to the heart of things, inviting people into a greater understanding of themselves and each other. 

Ready to bring this program to your people?