Two Truths and a Lie

Honesty is not a core value.

by Vanessa Rodriguez | October 2022

Authenticity, Transformation, Humor, Human.Kind, Connection, Creative-Experimentation, and Wisdom

These are our company values. They are at the forefront of our minds when working with our clients and when we work as a team. They are the foundation that we build our programs on, and what we hope has come through in our conversations with you all. 

One value that isn’t listed is Honesty. Which is great- because this week we are playing TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE!  For those that never had to sit through this classic, albeit grueling, college ice breaker before- here’s how it works: Each person names two facts about themselves and one lie. Everyone else tries to figure out which statement is the lie out of the three.  

Listed below are two truths and a lie about all six of us on the AGC Team! Try to decipher our lies- the first person to get all six correct wins some AGC Swag!


  1.  Finds gum wrappers repulsive.
  2.  Once tried out for American Idol and received one yes. 
  3.  Made her mama proud by being named as “most likely to be late” in her senior class mock elections. 


  1. Attended (and graduated from) beauty school.
  2. Has more tattoos than anyone else on the AGC team  
  3. Loves peanut butter with chocolate chips, hates reese’s pb cups. 


  1.  Unironically likes Nickleback.
  2.  Competed on the typing team in high school
  3.  Pronounced 2 couples officially married in the state of Massachusetts even though the wedding took place in Michigan


  1. Once tried to start a snowglobe collection, but stopped after buying her first and immediately dropping and shattering it. 
  2. Worked in a greenhouse for years, is VERY allergic to pollen.
  3. Won the 2017 SpartanNash Starbucks Barista Championship.


  1. Bred chinchillas for a 9 month period in the early 2010s
  2. Earned a purple belt in Shorei go ju karate 
  3. Marched in the Parade of Roses in 2000.


  1. Has a pickleball court in her basement. 
  2. Knows all the words to Ice Ice Baby, and performs it at every wedding she attends.
  3. Has traveled to all 50 states.


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