Thrive Together

6-Month Group Coaching Experience

Elevate Your Leadership. Transform Your Impact. Find your People.

In the dynamic landscape of leadership, where challenges are as diverse as the teams you lead, finding a space for profound growth and transformation is rare. Welcome to Thrive Together,  a 6-month group coaching experience designed to propel you into a new realm of leadership excellence. 

There’s no shortage of research on the importance of self-awareness within leadership – leaders who understand and see themselves clearly are more confident and creative, make better decisions, build stronger relationships and communicate more effectively. And yet, finding the time and space to reflect on how our mindset, values, and behaviors affect our impact is not easy. 

This 6-month group coaching experience promises to address the intricate challenges leaders face daily, providing a place to reflect, explore, share, and strategize solutions to navigate the ever-evolving dynamics of leadership.

What You Can Expect

Enhanced Leadership Presence

Participants will experience a profound transformation in their leadership presence, fostering greater self-awareness, influence, trust, and authenticity. 

Empowered Team and Organization

Thrive Together doesn’t just transform individual leaders; it catalyzes a ripple effect, empowering teams and organizations as a whole, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and sustained excellence.

Personal and Professional Growth

Leaders will undergo a holistic journey of personal and professional growth, emerging from the group with a refined leadership toolkit, a strengthened mindset, and the confidence to thrive in any professional landscape.

Lasting Connections

Participants will form a network of like-minded leaders, creating a supportive community that extends far beyond the program, facilitating ongoing collaboration and mentorship. 

In a recent study, Korn Ferry Hay Group found that leaders with high degrees of self-awareness had teams with high energy and high performance 92% of the time.

Group Sessions

Self-Led Pod Groups

1:1 Coaching

Who Is This For?

While we are confident that Thrive Together will deeply impact any organization, this program might be for you if your employees: 

    • express a desire for greater connection or engagement 
    • feel stuck 
    • crave greater momentum or inspiration 
    • want more autonomy and empowerment 
    • could value from experiencing the power of progress
    • or are frankly leaving at a higher rate than you’d like

If you’re unsure whether this is right for you or your team – email us, we would love to connect.

    Program Format

    2 Experience Options: Hybrid &  Virtual

    • Hyrbid: 6-month experience includes an in-person kick-off retreat, monthly virtual sessions, 1:1 coaching, self-led pod groups, and an integration retreat.
    • Virtual: 4-month experience includes six virtual sessions, 1:1 coaching, and self-led pod groups.

    Program Outcomes

    • Learn to set meaningful and achievable goals, establish action plans, and stay accountable to commitments
    • Create sustainable behavior change, leading to long-term personal and professional growth
    • Build meaningful relationships
    • Identify opportunities for collaboration and cross-pollination
    • Improve interpersonal communication
    • Establish a supportive peer network
    • Develop a deeper understanding of strengths, values, and areas for growth, leading to greater self-awareness and personal insight
    • Cultivate emotional intelligence through recognition, self-management and empathy

    “By any measure, the workplace is a natural community. And the strength of it determines how well organizations can attract, engage, and retain top talent.” – O.C. Tanner Institute

    Ready to bring this program to your people?