Strengths-Based Leadership

Leadership is about impact, not position. 

2-Day In-Person Experience

Bring us in-house to your team.

Miscommunication and misunderstanding can greatly inhibit a team’s ability to do great work. Strengths-Based Leadership is a 2-day experience for every member in your organization. Participants will gain confidence in their abilities and get tools to communicate more effectively. The result? Teams that know how to capitalize on each other’s strengths, work through difficult situations and get shit done.

As we deepen our awareness of who we are and what we offer, we are able to become more choiceful and conscious of our impact.  In Strengths-Based Leadership, participants will start by finding out their top strengths with the CliftonStrengths tool, from there they will identify ways to grow and develop individually and as a whole to increase team effectiveness, collaboration and overall well being.

The Case for Employee Engagement

Why do we care so much about teams functioning around their strengths?  Because strengths-based organizations fare better across almost all markers compared to other teams.  We designed Strengths-Based Leadership to have an impact on engagement at every level in the organization. And the data is clear, engagement matters.

Take a look at the stats below from Gallup and read more in this blog.

Who is this for?

Strengths-Based Leadership is designed for teams that believe leadership is about impact not position. This program will unlock the potential in the employees at every level in your organization. Working in groups of 15-20 participants, both individuals and teams will be strengthened. 

If you’re unsure whether this is right for you or your team – email us, we would love to connect. 

Program Components:

Unlocking Strengths


Leadership Mindset

Strengths-Based Collaboration

Owning Your Impact

Personal User Manual

Imagine the possibilities of a team that understands what each member brings to the table.

Program Format

2 Day In-Person Experience

  • Prework – CliftonStrengths Assessment
  • Suggested between-session skill building practices
  • Post program group learning

Program Outcomes

Each participant will…

  • Understand the power of strengths for themselves and their team
  • Build awareness around the unique contribution they bring to the team
  • Leave with practical tools to develop and apply their distinctive strengths at work
  • Develop a shared language to better communicate with their team
  • See themselves as a leader regardless of their position
  • Gain awareness around their distinctive contribution and impact
  • Develop language to communicate with others on the team
  • Create specific goals, strategies, and practices to maximize their impact

Ready to bring this program to your people?