Pass the mic…
So we can drop it.

Everyone is a leader.  Each of us holds a specific power and purpose to bring about a more beautiful world.  Abbey + Greg fill a room with wisdom and laughter as they reawaken people to the potential sitting just beneath their skin.  Each experience is interactive and compelling.  Participants leave inspired and ready to say a hearty “Yes!” to the lifelong adventure of brave leadership.

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“Now more than ever, we are desperate for leaders who are willing to be afraid, step into discomfort and act anyway.”

2020 MISHRM Conference & Exhibition

Meet Abbey & Greg

Abbey Johnston is brave & brilliant.  Whether she is in front of a full auditorium or speaking one-on-one, Abbey has a saturated presence.  She is fully with her audience, caring deeply for their growth and transformation.   

Greg Mutch is compassionate & curious.  Through keen wit and deep intuition, Greg cuts straight to the heart of things, compelling everyone to lean bravely into courageous authenticity.

Together they specialize in creating landmark moments.  You know the ones — where you look back and say, “that was the point where everything changed.”


Janis Petrini

Express Employment Professionals

“Though not an easy feat to deliver an important message of Dare to Lead to a virtual audience, they did it with great energy, engaged the audience, and provided practical tools for leadership. Their passion and expertise in this field of vulnerability is evident in the way they bring their message to audiences. You won’t be disappointed!”

Tomas Kral

Dell Technologies

“From the exit poll, 350+ people rated Abbey & Greg’s content highest out of the 10 themes for the week. This team is still talking about the lessons they’ve learned and the professional skill sets they are eager to further develop. Their satisfaction, excitement and appreciation for what AG delivered is clear, and we all look forward to future engagements with AG Collaborative.”

Kristen Davidson


“Abbey & Greg bring a great energy and balance to the stage (virtual and in person!) They are easy to work with and they focus on your needs vs. a set program. I appreciate their vibe, their fun, and their expertise. Highly recommend!”

Top Hits

On-Stage | On-Screen

Dare to Lead™

Many organizations suffer from leaders playing it safe.  Driven by a fear of discomfort these leaders inhibit growth and success of the entire company.  Based on the research of Brené Brown, this interactive keynote introduces vulnerability as a practice and a pathway for leaders, teams, and the entire organization to be more effective, innovative, and impactful.

Redefining Leadership

Everyone is a leader.  Organizations are missing out when every individual does not view and harness their impact. This highly interactive experience will move people from “the sidelines” to take responsibility for meaningful action – inviting them to show up and lead, in their unique way, for better outcomes, better solutions, and a better world. 

Upscaling Communication

We exist in a world of distraction, busyness and disconnect. This leads to miscommunication and conflict, especially in the workplace.  Communication is our medium for connection and the vehicle of our influence.  Develop awareness and skills to transform your communication to impact your work, your relationships and your effectiveness.

Mindful Leadership

The scientific research on the effectiveness of mindfulness is mounting – and so is the desperate need for leaders with greater self-awareness, courage, and resilience. The organizations of tomorrow will be marked by cultures that have moved away from transactional ways of leading to a transformational approach. This keynote will explore how a more effective leadership mindset can be developed and enhanced through practices of mindfulness. This keynote will equip participants with day to day tools that can be practiced by everyone.

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