Representation Matters

Wake up world, and witness the power of women in leadership

by Kat Schulte | Aug 31, 2022

Messages we shout from the rooftops at AG Collaborative are that anyone can be a leader and that everyone has influence. And while we believe what we shout, we hold with it the tension that women are not afforded a seat at the table as often as their male counterparts. According to the Institute for Women’s leadership, while over 55% of the workforce is women, women hold only 24% of senior leadership positions.  

This disparity brings to mind the words of the wise Alice Walker:

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.

Alice Walker

Representation matters. We want the world to witness the power of women in leadership. 

One of the perks of our work is that we get the opportunity to come into contact with incredible leaders every day. We would like to introduce you to 4 amazing leaders who impact our communities and world by being their authentic selves. They were generous to share their wisdom, insights, and magic with us.

May their stories remind women everywhere of the power they hold.  

Read their full interviews at the links below.

LaKiya Jenkins

Executive Director


The most engaging part of my work is listening and honoring the voice of the community. Serving is at the heart of everything that I love to do. I genuinely find fulfillment in seeing those around me growing and thriving.”

Elizabeth Garvish

Founder & Managing Member


“I have surprised so many people. Many underestimated me and many did not expect me to come from behind to victory. Most people that know me now know not to be surprised by anything that I do.”

Eva Alexander

Executive Director


“Being an immigrant, I learned how to be innovative and flexible. This has shaped my leadership style to be an energetic force for my team. I focus on results rather than following a process. I believe each individual can arrive at successful results through diverse methods.”

Molly MacDonald

Founder & CEO


This change in lifestyle was a wake-up call. In some of my speeches, I remark, that in losing everything I thought had value (try selling your $2400 dresses at a resale shop, and making $60) I learned what really matters, and that is service to others.”

“I can promise you that women working together – linked, informed and educated – can bring peace and prosperity to this forsaken planet.” -Isabel Allende

Thank you to Elizabeth, Molly, Eva and LaKiya for taking the time and energy to share your magic with us. May we all, like these women, continue to become more of who we are so we can impact the world in a way only we can.

Coaching is the playground of possibility.

Want someone in your corner as you unpack your own distinctive magic?  We got you!


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