Reimagine: Teachers + Front Line Form - AG Collaborative

To the brave and beautiful humans who are showing up for the rest of us day after day. Thank you.

Life is crazy right now and you are (still) in the thick of it. It is not possible to wait until the pandemic is over to slow down and tune in. Self care is essential. We want to make space for you to do exactly that and are offering access to Reimagine – an 8-episode series that guides you back into connection with your body, your breath, and your needs in the midst of ongoing stress responses. 

This program is designed for you to access at your own pace, in your own space. Let’s meet inside of the deep breath and hold one another close. 

Sign-up to receive the program here at no cost. Please share this with other classroom teachers and front line healthcare workers. 

Take care loves,
AGC Team

Learn more about Reimagine below.