Speaking with Influence Bootcamp

2 Day Experience

Bring us in-house to your team.

This experiential program grows personal confidence, presentation skills, and group connection. It is designed to help individuals identify and harness the power of their presence. In our Boot Camp, participants will obtain: instruction from professionals, the practice of public speaking, and real-time feedback on their presence and presentations. Participants will leave with the confidence needed to captivate attention, build credibility, and create connections both on and off the “stage.”

Gain Confidence

Increase Influence

Stand Out

“Abbey and Greg were so great – their personalities are really what sets this program apart. They are inspiring and full of energy, and also had a way of delivering feedback in a way that was so constructive and clear. Every person in the room improved in their presentation skills at the end of the 2 days.” 

-Speaking with Influence Participant


In this program participants will learn:

  • how to build confidence and manage nerves
  • how to get and keep an audience’s attention
  • how to utilize a replicable presentation outline
  • the power of nonverbal communication and presence 
  • strategies for maximizing nonverbal communication

Meet your Facilitators

Abbey and Greg fill a room with wisdom and laughter as they reawaken people to the potential sitting just beneath their skin.  When you share space with this pair, you will feel seen, known, and challenged into a deeper way of being and leading in the world. Growth happens in the stretch. Abbey & Greg co-create experiences that make the “stretch” fun.

Abbey Johnston is brave & brilliant.  Whether she is in front of a full auditorium or speaking one-on-one, Abbey has a saturated presence.  She is fully with you in every moment, caring deeply for your growth and transformation.   

Greg Mutch is compassionate & curious.  Through keen wit and deep intuition, Greg cuts straight to the heart of things, compelling everyone to lean bravely into courageous authenticity.

Transform your communication.
Revolutionize your impact.