Practice over Perfect: The art of building confidence

by Abbey Johnston & Kari Bergman | June 2, 2021

Hello friends and maybe strangers, but soon to be friends.  In this video, Abbey Johnston and Kari Bergman dig into the messy & wild land of confidence.  Abbey shows up with transparency and vulnerability – taking us on a journey of her own transformation from self-consciousness to confidence.  This is ongoing work for all of us.  We hope that you find something in here that will help bring you into a deeper sense of confidence and even invite you into the courageous work of building confidence for those – and with those – around you, especially in the workplace.

“There’s enough space for all of us.”

We would love to hear how this landed. What’s coming up for you as you watch?  Drop us a note in the comments or connect with us on the socials!

We love you all. We thank you for being in the world and in the work with us

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