“What got you here won’t get you there.” – Marshall Goldsmith

Coaching is the playground of possibility

Unless you clicked the wrong link, you are here because you know there’s more. Whether you are craving more confidence in your leadership or making a career move or you feel the “wah, wah” of stuckness, coaching provides the perfect container for exploration and fuel for action. 

Coaching is the playground of possibility.

Your coach will show up ready to listen, challenge you with curiosity and uncover what may be holding you back from accomplishing what you really want. We will call you on your bullshit and be your loudest (most obnoxious) champion when you choose courage over comfort.

Coaching is a critical pathway for rehumanizing the workplace. It equips  people to confidently show up – in their own skin –  and provide  their unique contribution to work and life.

AGC Coaching focuses on…


People Navigating Transition

For those in the space between the last thing and the next thing.


Leaders & Executives

Because leadership is important and lonely. The responsibility of leadership comes with great complexity and endless decisions.


The Unsettled, but Ready

For those who know there is MORE and are ready to stop feeling like something else is in the driver’s seat of their life.

What’s Possible

  • Create more confident decision making
  • Create accountability and accomplishment of goals
  • Uncover personal values and purpose to inspire congruent action
  • Reveal what your leadership edge is and how to use it effectively 
  • Identify, challenge and shift unhelpful mindsets, beliefs, biases, and expectations that live below the surface and keep us stuck
  • Increase emotional intelligence
  • Strengthen communication effectiveness
  • Create ownership of personal impact and influence

Ready to get started?