MLAB Masterclass

Workshop series for managers to practice essential skills

Feedback + Delegation

Exclusively for MLAB Alumni

Session Dates:
Feedback:  August 1 + 15
Delegation:  September 5 + 19

Before July 1 – $300
After July 1 – $500

Feedback and Delegation can be the superpowers of the best managers, but they can be elusive skills for managers to grasp. Join other leaders to build on the foundation of Manage Like a Boss and sharpen your practice of feedback and delegation.  Each topic will be delivered in two 2-hour virtual and interactive sessions with practices to incorporate between sessions.  Sign-up for both topics or just one.



August 1 + 15  | 1-3pm EST
Two 2-hour sessions

Interrogate the unhelpful stories about providing feedback.
Practice providing meaningful, fast feedback.
Explore how to use feedback to develop people, build trust, and increase effectiveness. 


September 5 + 19 | 1-3pm EST
Two 2-hour sessions

Explore current barriers to delegation.
Gain clarity around what work to keep and what to delegate.
Practice creating clarity and holding accountability

Meet your Facilitators

Kat and Kari are magic makers. Together, they weave circles of connection and belonging, inspiring growth and transformation for the individual and collective. 

Kari is an empath and word witch. She fills the room with wisdom and humor and stands with a fierce grip on the vision of a more beautiful world, for all. Kat is joy and curiosity embodied. Her insightful questions cut straight to the heart of things, inviting people into a greater understanding of themselves and each other. 

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