Mark VanDellen

Authenticity, rapport, and helping others sort chaos are the pillars of Mark’s coaching.  Mark intentionally creates space where anyone can be themselves, but also provides the necessary questions and conversations to inspire people to be their best selves. Mark is an I/S on DISC, an Enneagram 7, and has Communication, Strategic, Woo, Positivity, Individualization as his top 5 strengths.

Mark has 16 years experience with individual and group coaching; leadership development and team building; writing and editing; and public speaking. This experience has taken place in hands-on settings within small businesses and high-level leadership programs in global organizations. Mark founded MVD Coaching in 2015 and maintains several strategic partnerships like AG Collaborative who share core values and have high level of trust and respect for each other. One of Mark’s favorite paradoxes of leadership is the balance between results and relationships. 

Mark and his wife Ashley live in Grand Rapids, MI where they both work out of home offices in their downtown loft. They love to travel and all vacation days are centered around food!  Mark likes to combat the signs of aging by staying active, chasing any sort of ball or flying disc, and skiing moguls.

Mark’s experience includes executive-level leadership coaching, business and strategy coaching, as well as relationship/marriage coaching.  He has a master’s degree in leadership, 2 coaching certificates, and additional certifications in DISC, EQ, and Conversational Management.  Mark is also a contributing member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

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Morning: Cold Coffee (Just pour it over ice…he’s not picky)
Evening: Old Fashioned