Kat Schulte

First off, Kat is left-handed and if you are in that slim category of cool-kids, she would love to talk to you about it. In addition to meeting fellow-lefties, Kat leads our CliftonStrengths work as a facilitator, Certified Integral Coach, and Gallup-Certified Coach. Her favorite thing about this work is witnessing the possibilities available when individuals and teams harness the distinctive powers already within themselves.  For her, when people truly see how they’ve got what it takes to get what they want, it’s magic.

Kat is wicked smart – when she isn’t working or hanging with her husband and two amazing buddies, you’ll find her voraciously absorbing the latest data, research and podcasts. She expertly weaves key pieces from her mental encyclopedia britannica into our programs, but loves best to dig in together 1:1 over a cup of black coffee in the morning or a bold red wine in the happy hours.

In line with her love of learning and heart for creating a more just world – Kat recently completed the CQ Certification with the Cultural Intelligence Center. More to come as she leans into her dreams of bringing this work to life in the near future.

Kat will also share her expertise in the areas of sweets, Netflix and personality tests. Like a sommelier of leisure, she’ll  help you find the perfect treat and binge-worthy watch for your temperament.

With that, we will close with a picture of Kat’s doodle in a party hat; because there’s always something to celebrate.

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Black coffee or a bold red wine, depending on the time of day.