Kari Bergman

Kari is wise and hilarious. She joined the team in 2018 as the unofficially named Chaos Manager and has evolved into Head of Coaching. Her wisdom and humor blend into her own flavor of sass which she wields (when appropriate) in her work as a coach, facilitator and storyteller. 

Kari is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and loves holding space for people to lean into discomfort in service of their growth. With empathy and intuition, she walks with clients to the edge to meet their potential and take ownership of their impact in our connected world. 

The two loves of her work are the cocollaborative, coactive, co-leading, and the humanity – brushing shoulders with amazing people to rehumanize leadership, workplaces, and teams. Vulnerability is her jam.

The two loves of her life are her grounded, patient and wise husband, Jeremy, and their joy-filled, hilarious and amazing son, Eland Jon. When she isn’t exploring the wild outdoors with both of them or snuggling up for cozy days inside, she is often found shaking her groove thing with abandon…on the dance floor, in the kitchen, and occasionally while co-leading. Kari is getting messy in the lifelong work of racial justice and healing. Leaning hard into the vision of john a. powell, “We can build a circle of humanity where no one is outside.”

In addition to all of the above, all she needs is Alicia Keys and a couple G+T’s. 

Hold the straw, please.

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Gin+Tonic (hold the straw)