Joseph Martin

Joseph is equal parts depth and inspiration. Each time you spend time with him you peel back another layer and discover there is even more to this incredible human. He is a captivating storyteller (ask him about his Grandma’s cooking) and imbues wisdom into even the most ordinary of conversations. 

At AGC, we’ve already seen his Achiever strength hard at work. He has jumped head first into all the details – managing calendars, sending proposals, prepping program materials, and supporting our facilitation teams on Zoom.  

At home, Joseph is a family man, delighting in crafting new recipes for his three kids and wife to enjoy. In his free time, you can find him working out (he’s a body builder you guys!!), rocking out in the grocery store, hiking, watching pimple popping videos or playing games. 

One of the most striking parts of Joseph is that he lives his life with so much intentionality. He doesn’t miss a chance to look for ways to improve himself, care for his family and now, we get to see that intention at work with our team and our clients. 

We can’t even begin to express how excited we are to have Joseph on the AGC team and know he will be an incredible addition! 

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