Inside Leadership

Who you are is how you lead.

In this transformational experience, 20 brave and brilliant individuals will discover even more of who they are so they can lead with greater influence and impact.

Our inner game runs our outer game. On the inside is where mindset, strengths, courage, values, and empathy live. This experiential program flips leadership development inside out. Starting the growth here is what creates the most resilient leaders, and brings the most stable, ongoing, measurable results.

“The Inside Leadership experience was transformational. Diving deep into my inner game was a powerful journey.  The guided group sessions with Greg & Abbey and the personal coaching sessions were priceless.  Inside Leadership created the space for me to become more aware and vulnerable, appreciate more deeply the unique potential in others, and remember that the greatest contribution of a leader is to empower others as leaders.”

Shannon Burkel, Axios HR


Group Learning Sessions

1:1 Executive Coaching


Monthly Peer Pod Groups


CliftonStrengths Assessment


Design + Delivery

5 month experience delivered with the following components:

  • Pre-Program Meet & Greet
  • 4 full day in-person sessions
  • 6 coaching sessions
  • Monthly Pod Group Engagements
  • CliftonStrengths Assessment


In this program participants will:

  • Clearly identify leadership strengths, limitations, values, and purpose
  • Understand and embody a purposeful leadership mindset
  • Develop effective interpersonal communication skills
  • Uncover limiting narratives that hinder leadership influence
  • Increase emotional intelligence and effectiveness
  • Activate inner courage and resilience in service of growth

Meet your Facilitators

Abbey and Greg fill a room with wisdom and laughter as they reawaken people to the potential sitting just beneath their skin.  When you share space with this pair, you will feel seen, known, and challenged into a deeper way of being and leading in the world. Growth happens in the stretch. Abbey & Greg co-create experiences that make the “stretch” fun.

Abbey Johnston is brave & brilliant.  Whether she is in front of a full auditorium or speaking one-on-one, Abbey has a saturated presence.  She is fully with you in every moment, caring deeply for your growth and transformation.   

Greg Mutch is compassionate & curious.  Through keen wit and deep intuition, Greg cuts straight to the heart of things, compelling everyone to lean bravely into courageous authenticity.


Access is important, and because of our shared history, it is not equal. In response to these inequities, we prioritize offering scholarships to people who identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color. Rather than offering a standard scholarship rate, we work individually with participants to determine what is possible. If you are able to participate at the full rate, you are contributing to access for all.

Inside Leadership will equip you to live and lead from the best parts of yourself.


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