AGC’s Favorite Ice Breakers

Is it getting warm in here?

by Vanessa Rodriguez | November 2022

If you’ve ever joined one of our programs, then you know exactly how we start each session- ICEBREAKERS! It’s our favorite way to get to know our participants and spark easy connection. So for this month’s Fun Blog, we thought we’d let you get to know us better by answering some icebreaker questions ourselves. 

After sifting through a long list of icebreaker questions, we’ve found our Top Five. Take a peek at our team’s answers and then share yours 🙂

1. What is your number one comfort item?

Abbey: My 4 year old daughter’s “stuffy” that I borrowed from her when I was traveling for work and now I won’t give it back. 

Greg: Bourbon. By a fire, on the couch, solo or with a friend. #warmandcozy

Kari: Water bottle. I’m with Kat, I get super panicky when I leave mine behind, it is a reflex now and I find myself carrying it into restaurants, catered events…like a joker.

Kat: My water bottle.  Hydration matters a LOT to me and I constantly have a running tracker of how many ounces I’ve drank that day.  Nothing feels worse than being in a meeting or in the car with nothing to drink!

Abigail: My birkenstocks (a sweaty girl’s slippers) 

Vanessa: Nothing puts me more at ease than a good puppy snuggle- so I’d have to say my pup, Milo.

2. If you could magically develop any one skill, which would you choose?

Abbey: Being able to dance so well I could compete on “So You Think You Can Dance.”  This would require A LOT of magic.

Greg: Drums!! I’d love to be able to play percussion of any kind.

Kari: To quiet any unwanted noise (traffic, people chewing) and leave in all the beautiful ones, like laughter and birdsong and the wind in the trees.

Kat: Musicality!  I would love to be able to sing, play piano, guitar, or the cello. 

Abigail: Killer dance moves!

Vanessa: I would love to be able to speak every language!

    3. If you could, would you rather spend a day with your younger self or your older self?

    Abbey: Younger. I want to hang out with myself before I cared about what people thought of me. We’d have a ton of fun together.

    Greg: Younger – I’d love the chance to tell my younger self what I’ve learned and all the things he doesn’t need to worry about. And on the other hand, I would love to hear the same from my older self!

    Kari: Awwww, both?! my younger pre-socialized self was spunky and had amazing taste in shoe/sock combos. I know my older self will be fully fresh outta f*cks, kicked back and full of pleasure. I hope to meet her soon.

    Abigail: Older self – I can’t wait to meet her! 

    Vanessa: Younger self! I’m not a fan of spoilers, and I like to think I was a pretty funny kid.

    4. What are three words your best friend would use to describe you?

    Abbey: Like besides my name?? um…good listener, fun-loving, caring

    Greg: Curious, funny, and irreverent

    Kari: Hold on, let me text her. 

    Kat: Loyal, funny, and a little weird

    Abigail: Creative, organized, caring

    Vanessa: LOUD, caring, and loyal.


    5. What’s your hype song (the song that would play as you enter the arena)?

    Abbey: Don’t Stop Believing 

    Greg: Can’t Touch This

    Kari: Broke Boy by Malia Civetz

    Kat: “Run to the water” by Live or Sia’s “Greatest” 

    Abigail: Big Energy by Latto

    Vanessa: Dancing Queen!! “Having the time of your life” is in the song, and I really lean into that whenever I hear it.

    We hope you loved these icebreakers as much as we did. We feel closer already! Feel free to take these questions and break some ice with some new people in your life, or use them to cut the tension at the Thanksgiving table this year ;). 

    Until next time,
    AGC Team


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