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The Magic of Group Coaching

A peek inside one of the rarest places in the [corporate] world.

by Kari Bergman | February 2024

“I had no idea I was capable of experiencing my work any other way. It wasn’t that long ago that I spent most of my time frustrated with my team members and feeling like I needed to step in all of the time to make sure they were doing their work. I’d leave exhausted and dread the next morning.”

The manager pauses, held in suspended presence, the coach leans in, asking “What is possible from here?”

The group waits, holding space, listening intently. After six months together, they have all had a turn in this seat. 

Snow begins to fall outside the windows, but the group inside is cozy, both from the atmosphere of belonging in the familiar circle and from the glow of celebration in this final retreat. They have gathered one final time to recognize the change they have experienced in themselves and in one another. One by one, they take turns sharing stories of challenges faced, confidence grown, mindsets shifted and goals surpassed.

What is possible from here? 

After a moment of thought, the manager continues, “I can already feel the trust growing on my team. I am holding 1:1s regularly and actually looking forward to them. It feels weird to say in the workplace, but I love these people…” he breaks off to let the tears come and pass. “The things they are sharing in our check-ins and the challenges they are navigating while still showing up to work with a smile on their face blows me away. From here… I can see us shifting to higher levels of collaborative project-based work and I would really love to start thinking about redistributing responsibilities based on their specific strengths and interests. It would be interesting to do a team retreat to rethink how we work together. I feel like based on the trust we have built, this conversation is possible now.” 

At this, the coach opens the conversation to the circle. One after another the participants listening offer their acknowledgments, reflections and thoughts with the manager who just shared. Many echoes of “me too,” gratitude for their vulnerability and affirmations of the growth they have witnessed. 

Outside of this intimate circle, the walls are filled with sheets for each participant with a name in the middle and messages from their peers in the margins. Every note points to an observation, a longing or a celebration of one another. 

Every note confirms each participant’s commitment to the whole journey. Through the full group conversations in the retreats, the live coaching in the virtual sessions, the deep relationships they built in their pods and the individual processing in the 1:1 coaching, each individual experienced lasting transformation and had a front row seat to not only witness it, but contribute to it for each other. 

Reflections from past group coaching participants 

“The biggest shift I’ve seen since the beginning of this program is a willingness to bring all of myself all of the time to the work that I do. And not attempting to push away or downplay certain aspects of my personality or strengths.”

Andrea Bloemendaal


“The relationships that have come from this group are incredible. I met someone through my pod who I likely would not have met in my day to day work. She shared something in the first pod meeting and I followed up with her because it really resonated with me. She and I are still connected and I learned that when you are vulnerable and share parts of yourself, other people are willing to do that too.”

Kiran Patel


“The 1:1 coaching sessions were so valuable for me to have a neutral third party to process through things and help me understand a new perspective that I could then take back to my team. Being able to show up, have my coach ask “how are you doing?” and genuinely care was really awesome.”

Mollie Hill


The closest thing to magic in the modern workplace

There is no doubt about it, there is pure magic that happens when a group of individuals embark on a journey of learning together. We’ve seen this happen time after time, and it still gives us goosebumps. The story shared above is one example of the type of transformation that happens in group coaching. Below that,
a few of the participants share about their experience in a 6-month group coaching experience created specifically for women inside a growing technology consultancy.

These spaces do not need to be rare, they can be the norm, and we would love to help you get there. We are so excited to announce that we are launching a brand new program in 2024 –  Thrive Together: A group coaching experience. Born out of the desire to go deeper with our clients and see performance, impact and connection increase, we know this program will be a game changer for everyone involved. 

Thrive Together: A group coaching experience

In the dynamic landscape of leadership, where challenges are as diverse as the teams you lead, finding a space for profound growth and transformation is rare. Welcome to Thrive Together,  a 6-month group coaching experience designed to enhance leadership presence, empower teams and organizations, experience personal and professional growth, and develop lasting connections.


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