Greg Mutch

Greg loves pickleball, laughing, and being surrounded by powerful women.  On a typical Saturday you will find him on the sidelines at his son’s soccer game or stage left during his daughter’s play rehearsal, crushing a yoga class (namaste), porch sitting with his amazing wife or in a sensory deprivation chamber. Sometimes all of the above, although not all at once.

Greg is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and leadership guru. In 2019, he got to slap hands with Brené Brown while becoming a Certified Dare To Lead™ Facilitator and since has co-led over 250 brave + courageous leaders through the course.

Our world needs more humans like G Mutch. A white male willing to wrestle with his own privilege and fragility for the sake of collective justice. A former pastor and hospice chaplain who stands with a glass of whiskey in one hand while the other is held open, an invitation for any and all to join the circle of belonging in this wild world. A dude rooted in two core values of authenticity and aliveness that seeks both what is real (no bullshit) and shakes us awake to the wonder of ourselves and the world we inhabit.

Greg is a Longhorn, Founders mug clubber, Enneagram NINE, and 1-time triathlete that maintains a struggling mindfulness practice. If you ask him for a book recommendation, he has a personal library locked and loaded. What genre?

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