George Rohrer

Executive Leadership Coach

Strategic thinker, creative problem solver,
truth seeker.

George’s background includes 20 years of global business experience in management positions in product development, global portfolio management, business strategy and planning in the consumer electronics industry, and working with teams and clients worldwide.

George understands the challenges and pressures today’s leaders face and what they need to succeed in an increasingly complex, dynamic, and unpredictable business world. He knows how to help leaders thrive in the unknown and achieve the clarity they need to move the needle on their organization.

George understands the complexities of company culture – the power dynamics, deeply held beliefs and habits, and other unseen forces that keep individuals and organizations in stasis – and how to infuse organizations with momentum, agility, and resilience.

He believes that a coaching partnership is built on non-judgment, honesty, and mutuality, and its momentum is fueled by a leader’s vision, determination, and rigor. He enjoys serving as a mentor to leaders seeking to integrate coaching capabilities into their leadership, communications, and influencing approaches.

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