Feedback + Tough Conversations

3 Hour Experience

Bring us in-house to your team.

Interrogate the unhelpful stories about providing feedback. Practice providing meaningful, fast feedback.  Explore how to use feedback to develop people, build trust, and increase effectiveness.

So many GOOD organizations report struggling with providing feedback and navigating tough conversations.  But when organizations struggle, most often it is not because they are having tough conversations and they are going poorly; but rather because teams are avoiding the tough conversations.  

In this experience, participants will explore what is keeping them from providing meaningful feedback and initiating needed tough conversations.  Participants will practice self-regulation and attention to expand their capacity to provide meaningful feedback and have the hard conversations.  Participants will get clarity on what makes feedback meaningful and develop tools to offering effective and needed feedback to others, for more trust, wellbeing, productivity, and creativity. 

Who is this for? This experience is for teams who want to increase connection, trust, and wellbeing of their people while also seeing higher levels of effectiveness and innovation.  

Program Format

3-hour In-Person Experience

Mix of teaching content and highly interactive small and large group activities and discussions


In this program participants will:

  • Increase capacity to initiate feedback and tough conversations
  • Be equipped to offer meaningful and fast feedback
  • Develop ability to self regulate in tough conversations
  • Develop language to effectively navigate tough conversations

Ready to bring this program to your people?