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Try out one of these games at your next team event

by Vanessa Rodriguez | April 2023

Our team loves the way games can infuse connection and FUN into an ordinary evening with friends but have you considered adding games to your next employee engagement event? 

The work we do with our clients is often deep and meaningful, so sprinkling in a little fun can help employees connect in a different, more lighthearted way. Games can encourage teams to get to know one another better, laugh together and just spend time together.

So, the next time you are planning an employee engagement event (or your next Friday night game night with friends) take a peek at this list. Let us know what you’d add so we can keep crowdsourcing some summer fun!

outdoor yard games for employee engagement

Outdoor / Yard Games

With summer right around the corner, move your event outside with these fun games: 

Kubb –  A great yard game that you can play with 2-12 players! Knock over wooden blocks by throwing wooden batons at them. 

BeersbeeBeersbee was originated from a very similar game, called Fricket. The objective is to throw a Frisbee across the field knocking off your opponent’s bottle from the stand. It is a team game that requires skill, patience, but minimal physical activity so you can always have a drink in your hand.

Mölkky – Like bowling and cornhole had a baby and made the most fun game you can play in the comfort of your own backyard. Since introducing this game at a party one summer, it’s been in high demand at every gathering. A word of caution: Save your ankles from the pain of a wooden block by giving yourself plenty of room to play.

Large(r) Group Games

What Do You Meme – All your favorite internet memes ready to match with caption cards. This game will have you cry-laughing in no time at all! 

Game of Things – A great game to play amongst a group of people, the more the merrier! Based on the topic that is chosen by the facilitator each player anonymously writes down a statement. Then players turn the statement into the facilitator and once the facilitator reads off each statement, players then take turns guessing who said the statement. Whoever gets the most correct guesses wins the round. The sillier the statements the better.


Small Group Games


Exploding Kittens – No actual kittens harmed during game play. Full of funny (to some people) puns and cute kitty drawings! A quick learn and fast paced game, perfect for a team game night. 

Five Crowns – It’ll take you a few games to learn, but once you do you’ll want to play all day and  look for the first five crowns tournament you can join (or, better yet, make your own)!

Tapple – Imagine the category game but with a ten second timer blaring in your ear the whole time. Make this game even more fun by creating your own categories and spend the whole night belly laughing.

Hues & Cues – Time to find out which one of your colleagues is actually color blind! Draw a card and give one or two word hints to help your fellow game players guess which color you drew. 

We’re Not Really Strangers – Perfect for really getting to know your co-workers. Bring some tissues and get ready for some deep convos. 

Ransom Notes – Come up with responses to the most bizarre prompts using only a handful of word magnets. This game will have you saying the funniest phrases you never thought would come out of your mouth. 

Snake Oil – You pick two cards – each has a random word on it – pair them together to make a product you have to sell to the buyer. My nephew brought this over for my mom’s 60th bday dance party. We all laughed our heads off listening to each other’s sales pitches for random products. My favorite – Closet Candy and Vomit Powder

What games would you add to this list? Comment below or on our socials. Speaking of socials, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook for more fun and inspirational content from your fave leadership development pros.

– The AGC Team


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