Elizabeth Garvish

Founder & Managing Member


Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from and what is your background?

I was born in California and grew up in Indiana and Texas. Now I call Atlanta, GA home. I was voted best dressed in 8th grade and won my County spelling Bee that same year.


Is this where you thought you would be when you were in elementary school?

I don’t think I could dream this big and imagine the life I have today! I didn’t have role models who have done what I have done so it is hard to fathom something when you have never seen it. We are programmed our whole lives to do what we are supposed to do. My freedom and true growth came to me when I simply did not care what others did or thought and followed my own heart.


What is the most engaging part of your current work?

I love connecting with clients and celebrating our hard fought wins together.

What is a significant experience that has shaped how you lead today?

I was a bright young lawyer working at a big law firm. I was a true creative and able to bring in lots of business to the firm. My supervisors literally wanted to dim my light and put me in my place. In one annual review, they marked me “unacceptable” and gave me low scores because I wasn’t conforming and I wasn’t part of the group. People teach you in many ways. These men taught me who I didn’t want to be and where I didn’t belong. People can tell you lots of things, label you and belittle you, tell you that something is impossible, but it is really up to you to believe them. I knew who I was and I would start breaking away from the years of programming to become my most authentic self. Leaders are here to lift us up and show us our greatest strengths, not break us down and control us. Needless to say, I didn’t believe those supervisors and I can thank them today for making sure I left that place to find the right and most perfect place for me.


Tell us about someone who has played a significant role in your journey (mentor, boss, coach) – growing you and helping you advance?

My Dad was such a brilliant man and he set such an amazing example for me. He was the first to graduate college and then medical school in his family. His parents immigrated from Hungary. He supported me in every crazy thing I did. My mom did the same. They were both my ride or die. They never made a decision for me or forced their opinions on me. They let me think for myself. They let me be me! They were the first to teach me how to be my authentic self.

Is there anything you wish you had known earlier in your journey?

Of course! If I had all this knowledge twenty years ago, I would be unstoppable. But every single moment, stumble, fall, wipe out, triumph, and victory was meant to happen at the exact moment it did. These things had to happen so that I could learn and so that I could grow. Our experiences shape us. Our experiences create who we are. That is why we have to let our kids fail, fall down and learn for themselves. I wouldn’t change a thing.


What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?

I have surprised so many people. Many undersetimated me and many did not expect me to come from behind to victory. Most people that know me now know not to be surprised by anything that I do.


If people see you out on the town and want to buy you a drink, what should they send over to your table?

Dirty martini, extra dirty. I am definitely salty and not sweet!