Strengths 101 - AG Collaborative

Strengths 101 is a great way to get your organization started with Strengths integration, giving individuals an understanding of their own Strengths and build common language for teams.  This half-day workshop packs a punch. Participants will access: 

  • Increased self-awareness.  When people know their Strengths, they know what they bring to a room, meeting, or project.  
  • Increased engagement and overall satisfaction…and decreased burnout.  Work becomes energizing as participants learn to align strengths with action and hone in on their “sweet spot.”
  • Increased collaboration… and decreased ego.  When we know what we have to offer, we can collaborate instead of compete, and discover new partnerships for powerful impact.   
  • More effective communication.  Create a common language and bridge diverse perspectives. Spend more time making progress and less time on misunderstanding.