Speaking with Influence is so much more than a flashy powerpoint and buzz words – it is centered on authentic engagement, confidence and active listening. You don’t just deliver a message you are part of the message. Whether you are selling a product, pitching your organization’s vision to potential investors, or leading an internal meeting, effective communication is imperative. 

Speaking with Influence reaches beyond only the words we speak to tackle the HOW not just the WHAT of our communication. This program uses the medium of public speaking to transform our ability to communicate both in and out of the spotlight. Participants will walk away from this program with transformed public speaking skills, a more authentic and credible presence, greater confidence in their unique contribution, and the ability to engage with others, communicate more effectively, and bring a more positive impact into their work and world.

This experiential program is 5 weeks, happening 1 day a week for 4 hours. It is delivered in a cohort model with a max of 10 participants. 

Who is this for? You. Your leadership team.  Your sales team. Your company.  

We offer this publicly to anyone interested.  Reach out and we’ll give you the details. 


We also deliver this inside organizations. We come in and work with your team. This is where the magic happens and the impact grows exponentially. Let’s get it set up. You won’t regret it.