Dare To Lead™ | AG Collaborative

“We need braver leaders.
We need more courageous cultures.”
– Brene Brown

Everyone is a leader.

This isn’t a static declaration, but a visionary invitation to wake up every single person to their influence and impact. Gone are the days when a few stars in our organization will drive success. We are in an age where the collective force of fully alive and courageous leaders will shape the culture of our organizations and drive success beyond expectations.

Rumbling With Vulnerability

Nice isn’t cutting it. Lean into and stay with tough conversations and situations that feel risky. Vulnerability is the heartbeat of courage.

Living Into Our Values

Know our values and use them to shape interactions, decisions, and behaviors to reduce unintended impact and expand overall effectiveness.


Get into the nitty gritty of what Trust means, how to build it, and the collective power it has to generate fun, fast, and phenomenal outcomes.

To Rise

Resilience is critical to daring leadership. If we are going to take some risks, we are going to occasionally step in “it”. Get up, dust off, go again.

Full Program | Dare to Lead 

Join a group of 20 leaders from across the globe for an interactive deep-dive into Brené Brown’s research-based courage building program.  Co-led by Greg Mutch and Abbey Johnston.

New program dates coming soon.

Contact us to learn more or setup a discovery call to see how you can bring Dare to Lead™ to your team or org.

Leading with Impact - coaching skills for people leaders. Program info - 4 Virtual sessions held Mondays 1-4pm EST beginning March 8, 2021

Daring Teams:

The full program (24 hours) is always co-led by AGC facilitators and can
be delivered in groups up to 30:

– As an intensive program or off-site retreat

– Split into a series of days over a few weeks or months

– Spread out over 8 meetings in 3-hour sessions

Components of the program can also be delivered on their own (a la carte) or embedded into an existing program of leadership development. We often utilize components of this courage building work in our 6-12 month customized programs.

Ready to rumble?
Now is the time to get in the arena.