A group coaching experience for brave + brilliant women in leadership.

Exhausted, maxed out, and still expected to do it all. The reality for most women in leadership is quite bleak. We see you. 

Join us for a transformative experience that creates space for you to kindle connection and spark change alongside other women who “get it.”  In this 6-month group coaching journey, you will find your people and reconnect with purpose as we collectively shift from survival mode into a life of joy and liberation.

The Experience

Cultivate is about connection and growth. This experience creates empowered relationships built on trust and vulnerability that strengthen the organization as a whole. The connections formed within the container of group coaching allow for cross-pollination, collaboration, and wisdom sharing that does not happen within the demands and confines of day to day work.

A former participant said it best, “We are no longer just working together, we are doing life together.”

Participants will explore their CliftonStrengths, gain key coaching skills, and build confidence.  Each woman will leave this experience with a firm grasp on how to use a Coaching approach to strengthen relationships inside and outside of work.

The 6-month experience includes an in-person kick-off retreat, monthly virtual sessions, 1:1 coaching, pod groups, and a celebration retreat.


Monthly Virtual Sessions

Peer Pod Groups

1:1 Coaching


The in-person sessions were unlike any professional development I’ve experienced before.


Cultivate Program Participant

Program Themes

The Group Coaching model leverages the collective wisdom of peers through experiential learning over time. Together we will explore:

  • Coaching skills: listening, powerful questions, accountability
  • Building empowered relationships
  • Leading well: navigate stress to ignite energy and minimize burnout
  • Values-based living to guide choices, behavior & impact
  • Confidence mindset: burn perfection to the ground

Meet your Facilitators

Kat and Kari are magic makers. Together, they weave circles of connection and belonging, inspiring growth and transformation for the individual and collective. 

Kari is an empath and word witch. She fills the room with wisdom and humor and stands with a fierce grip on the vision of a more beautiful world, for all. Kat is joy and curiosity embodied. Her insightful questions cut straight to the heart of things, inviting people into a greater understanding of themselves and each other. 

Kat and Kari are a delightful combination of heart, smarts and humor! Amazing coaches that were a pleasure to be in the presence of – we all grew through observing how they do what they do!


Cultivate Program Participant

Authentic Connection.
Deep Self-Awareness.