Courageous Spaces

Tackle candid conversations & create a place where people thrive.


4 – Two Hour Virtual Sessions or
3 – Three Hour In-Person Sessions

It’s hard to be courageous, especially in the workplace. In fact – one of the most reported pain points from our clients is that tough conversations are NOT happening. People are not freely sharing their ideas and opinions or having the kinds of candid conversations needed for growth. This is crippling our teams, our work, and our well-being. 

In this experiential program, participants will gain the mindset and skillset to engage in those tough conversations for better connection, improved communication, and increased collaboration. Bring this program in-house to your team. When a critical mass of folks in one organization experience this together, a true culture shift happens.

Three Elements of Courageous Spaces:


Using the framework of Radical Candor, participants will identify key workplace values, understand their tangible role in shaping such an environment, as well as the impact of their presence on coworkers, clients, and culture.   


Many factors affect how individuals show up together – personal and cultural identities, power dynamics, and organizational realities. Participants will move from awareness to more inclusive action by developing skills in empathy, overcoming bias, and collaborative problem-solving.


Through the course of this program, participants will develop a shared language and a toolkit of practices to lead collaboratively, navigate difficult conversations, and build their ideal work environment.

“I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood.”


Audre Lorde

Program Outcomes

  • Build self-awareness in regards to personal and cultural identities, interpersonal dynamics, and power structures. 
  • Identify organizational factors that impede communication, creativity, and collaboration. 
  • Develop shared language and practices to have more courageous and collaborative communication across the organization.  
  • Gain tools to build a culture that values people and delivers results – including empathy building, navigating tough conversations, giving and receiving feedback, and collaborative problem-solving. 
  • Walk away with a cheat sheet/summary of tools for ongoing individual and group use – normalizing and maintaining their presence throughout the organization. 

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