Christine Mutch

Known for her authenticity, empathy, and wisdom, Christine is guided by 25 years of leadership, facilitation, and teaching experience. With a longing to see all people flourish, and a passion for equity and inclusion, her life’s work is to empower people to find their voice and place in the world. She can help you pay attention to your own inner wisdom, overcome that pesky inner critic, and identify external hurdles that are holding you and your organization back. All for the Common Good.

Christine is a people-person, recovering perfectionist, cancer survivor, and has never met a memoir she didn’t like. She seeks to pay attention to what her body and spirit have to teach her, and has learned (the hard way) the importance of holistic self-care. In addition to coffee or a G+T, things that fill Christine’s cup include hosting gatherings on the front porch, urban living, sitting by bodies of water, and eating layer cake.

Christine is trained as a Professional Co-Active Coach, holds an Unconscious Bias Certification with the Cultural Intelligence Center, along with a graduate degree in Education and a doctorate in Leadership + Spiritual Formation. (And, yes, she loves to learn!)

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