Chrissy Heyne

Meet Chrissy Heyne, the newest addition to the AG Collaborative team! Chrissy is sunshine embodied, and comes to us with 15+ years experience helping leaders and organizations build better relationships and stronger cultures – knowing that this leads to higher levels of collaboration, problem solving, genuine feedback and powerful coaching. 

Chrissy has led diverse teams through massive transitions, dodging obstacles and inviting diverse perspectives. She is a firm believer in shaking up the status quo and questioning who gets a voice and a seat at the table. And speaking of shaking things up, she’s currently on a quest to become a drumming phenom – so watch out for her epic drum solos at the next office party!

When Chrissy isn’t busy conquering the corporate world or drumming up a storm, you might spot her on the pickleball court or taking a walk in her neighborhood. Her hobbies include pickleball (obviously), documentaries, baking, and reading. If you’re ever in need of podcast recommendations, she’s your go-to expert on the subject. And if you ever find yourself in a Peloton-induced crisis, she’s got some life lessons to share (trust us, you’ll want to hear that story). 

Chrissy is most proud of her genuinely funny, interesting, and kind kids. Oh, and her favorite moment of 2023? Joining the AG Collaborative team, of course! 

Welcome Chrissy, and get ready to bring your drumming vibes and podcast expertise to our AGC family!

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Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive in Work and Life by Susan David