Do I belong here? The #1 Reason Employees Leave or Stay

Kari Bergman shares a reflection of the 2023 Global Culture Report from OC Tanner. Spoiler alert: employees need to feel belonging at work.

The Power of Positive Leadership

Unlock the potential of positive leadership and transform your work environment. Explore insights from “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor as we delve into the science behind fostering positivity, engagement, and success in the workplace. Elevate your leadership game and create a culture where positive leadership thrives.

A Group Coaching Reflection from Kiran Patel

The greatest gift Cultivate gave me was a safe space and opportunity to slow down, listen and reflect. I’m grateful for the relationships I built with my co-workers and especially the closeness I gained with my two podmates. I’m also proud of the growth I gained in my ability to coach and listen. To all of the women I went through this program with, I’m proud of you, too.

Weaving Love Into Work

Weaving Love Into Work

References to “self-care” in popular culture are often actually pointing to self-soothing practices. Both are meaningful, and it is important we know the difference. Popular #selfcare ideas- bubble baths, candles, tea are self-soothers. They relieve tension, stress, or anxiety in the moment. True self-care, on the other hand, is long term habits that build our resilience against stress and burnout.

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