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The Ripple Effects of an AGC Experience

by Kari Bergman | August 2024

We often say “who you are is how you lead”, but really who you are is how you… everything. Who you are is how you grocery shop, how you pickleball, how you vote, and how you scroll. Wherever you go, there you are.

At AG Collaborative, we flip leadership development inside out and focus development on the inner game – mindset, strengths, courage, values, and empathy – to create the most resilient leaders, the most effective teams, and the most dynamic organizations. When facilitating growth from an identity-based leadership perspective, it is no wonder the impact shows up in and outside of the workplace. It translates to identity-based parenting, identity-based partnering, identity-based living.

This time was very special and very eye and heart opening. It had more of a personal effect on me. I have been very reflective of how I have or have not been leading my own life. Work requires my leadership in the obvious way of leading a team of people, but I think I really put myself on the back burner and have not been my best self for all areas of my life. I am grateful for the time I spent on myself and the life I hope to create. It is hard to give ourselves permission to slow down and do this, and I felt the space was all mine for these few days to do so.


Rockford Construction

While we love to hear the creative ways people are changing the way they lead at work, I am especially giddy when the takeaways are centered on shifts both big and small taking place in parenting, families, intimate relationships and even the ways people navigate joy and grief. This blog is dedicated to these stories through first-hand reflections from participants and a few of my own. Enjoy.😘

I’m going to listen to my kids.


Integration and next steps are so important in our leadership development work. It matters to us if the frameworks, practices and tools live beyond the session. For every program, whether it is 3 hours or 6 months long, we close with some form of this question: What is your greatest takeaway that you plan to implement in your day to day life and work?

“I have set up weekly team meetings to open up communication. I’ve found myself using some better listening techniques when talking to my children.”
Jon Gunderson – Custom Profile


“Listening to my kids” is surprisingly one of the most common next steps, especially with our male participants. At the close of one Manage Like a Boss cohort at Founders Brewing Co., three guys shared some version of Jon’s reflection, all committing to use the active listening tool we practice in session to really slow down and listen to their children. Kat and I still talk about it.


I’ve found more joy.


We know that lasting growth and transformation take time, but when done on purpose and taking the whole person into account, there is no coming back from it. A promise we make in many of our longer development programs and all of our 1:1 coaching engagements is that “you will be different on the other side of this experience.” Katie Byrnes – an Inside Leadership participant and coaching client shares her perspective on this promise:

“I got feedback that I was too critical of myself. I was rigid, it was stealing my joy, I thought I needed to be perfect, uphold a certain image at work, at home, in relationships. Once I cleared out some of the things that were holding me back, it made room for better things. I was able to be more present as a mom, I found more joy.

After working through so much of this with my coach, we realized the work needed to continue and now I’m in weekly therapy. She helped me set a goal of making one adult friend. I identified someone in my neighborhood, I started small by inviting her for a walk. It worked! Now we hang out with our husbands, our families, we went line dancing. And, next weekend we are going to Miami together!”
Katie Byrnes – People IT


The B-Word


One of the sessions in our Wellbeing coaching track is dedicated to boundaries, which in all honestly allows us to simply scratch the surface, but I am a growing fan of this B-word and have been working to build a better boundary setting practice for myself as of late. It is very cool to know that I am not alone. As my favorite author, adrienne maree brown states, “Your no makes way for your yes.” As we talk about boundaries at work, this easily translates to boundaries at home – protecting what is most important in both spaces.

“Using the values exercise to focus my priorities and planning for 2024 in work and personal life, saying no to more things based on realistic capacity.”
Traci Montgomery



“I definitely have been able to utilize tools learned including hard conversations, but also just creating healthy boundaries between work and home and saying no.”
April M Storms – White Cloud City Manager


There is something magic about AGC.


Lisa K is now a household name here at AGC. Her relentless pursuit of leadership development is ongoing and has cascaded into her full team’s development, other departments within Charlevoix Emmet ISD and the full leadership Cabinet. She is a champion for her people and has shared back to us the ways that they are growing still.

“There is just something magic about AGC and the best thing? This work doesn’t just impact who we are at work. My team is showing up in new ways for their family and friends. When I say it’s life changing, I really mean it.”

Lisa Krosnicki – CFO @ Char-Em School District

These reflections are the reason we come to work every day. We are on a mission to foster better humans for a better world. Yes, we want your people to lead better at work, better communicators, collaborators and to see your orgs flourish. But the sneaky, beautiful thing about our work together is that it also transforms how people show up in every aspect of life.


Ripple effect for your team?

If you want to provide a meaningful experience like this for your team, get in touch. As the stories above show, this type of development work contributes to wellbeing on so many levels, you can add it to your list of employee benefits! Let’s grab a drink and talk about what’s possible.


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