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Unusually amazing people development at your fingertips. We take a stand for co-facilitated experiences that are fun, engaging, inspiring, and transformative (even in this virtual reality).

Open Seating

All of these programs are open for registration. Check out the details and dates and grab the one (or several) that are a fit for you! We’ll see ya on the screen soon.

Public Speaking Bootcamp

Nov. 9 & 10, 2021 | 9am-4pm
West Michigan Location TBD

Dare to Lead™

Rumble with vulnerability, live into your values, brave trust, & learn to RISE.

Contact us for details & next dates.

Reimagine - On Demand

Build a meaningful life with energy and balance: 8 episodes to move through at your own pace, in your own space.


Weekly Strengths Emails

Subscribe to this 32-week email journey to unpack the insights within each of your Top 5 Strength Themes.


Private Party

These programs are ready to go for your company or your team. Ranging from 3-hour workshops to multi-day series, customized to match the size of your group.

Effective Virtual Presence

Building connection and trust through the disconnect. Level-up your video conferencing communication skills and presence during this crucial time.

EQ Leadership + You

This workshop will explore the basics of emotional intelligence, implications for leadership and unpack the results from your Personalized EQ Assessment.

Inner Critic

Increased stress, anxiety and the (ridiculous) pandemic-inspired productivity craze can really turn up the volume on our harshest self-criticism. In this session we will give you the tools to uncover your Inner Critics and start loving them into submission.

Strengths 101

Learn the foundations of Strengths – Based Development and uncover your specific strengths as they present in life and work.

Upscaling Communication

We will look at communication deal breakers and makers, unpack the power of our presence and learn tips and tricks for increasing our credibility, connection, and impact through listening.

Weaving Love Into Our Work

In this session we will use interactive exercises to introduce participants to the Strengths-based approach to people development and provide steps for integrating love into work for increased engagement and reduced burnout.

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What's the difference between "Open Seating" & "Private Party"?

Great question. Open Seating programs are available to the public and thanks to our virtual reality, you can access them from anywhere (in the whole wide world). They are scheduled and held at specific dates + times. Click on each to find out more. Private Party programs are available for Teams and Organizations to bring us in-house (on screen) to work directly with your people. This is where collective magic happens.

Can I register my whole team for an Open Seating program?

Yes &… Many of the Open Seating programs have a higher enrollment ability due to creative virtual delivery so there is plenty of room for your people. There are a few exceptions, feel free to ask for specifics.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

While we don’t have the specific scientific data here, we believe that the true answer is really close to “a lot”.

Will any of the Private Party programs ever be available in Open Seating?

YES! Throughout the year, our Open Seating options will change. Keep checking in for updates. Better yet, sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know SIGN UP

How much do Private Party programs cost?

Our work with team and organizations is highly customized to best fit your unique needs and desired outcomes. Let’s chat about what you want, what program you are looking for and then we can clarify the investment. Check out Our Approach for more info on how this goes down.