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Dare to Lead

Dare to Lead is the base coat for all leadership development and transformation to “stick.” Our team brings leaders through an interactive deep-dive into Dr. Brené Brown’s research-based courage building program. 

Unleash the daring leaders in your organization.

February 7-9, 2023
West Michigan Location

Manage Like A Boss

Most new managers find themselves promoted due to their success as individual contributors, and while managers are the single biggest variable in team engagement, the majority receive zero training for the role. Through a Strengths-Based lens, participants will discover their unique leadership style, learn to build trust, hold accountability and have tough conversations with their team.

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Speaking with Influence Bootcamp

The thought of public speaking triggers hives in the best of us. This two-day bootcamp will transform interpersonal communication. It is designed to help individuals identify and harness the power of their presence. With real-time feedback on their presence and presentations, participants will grow confidence, develop effective presentation skills, and learn how to establish group connection.

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Courageous Spaces

It’s hard to be courageous, especially in the workplace. In fact – one of the most reported pain points from our clients is that tough conversations are NOT happening. This is crippling our teams, our work, and our well-being. In this 4-part series, participants will gain the mindset and skillset to engage in those tough conversations for better connection, improved communication and increased collaboration.

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Cultivate Group Coaching

Kindle connection and spark change. Group coaching is the catalyst for powerful growth and development. The dynamic structure of this program creates vital connective tissue within the organization. This diminishes silos and increases collaboration and mobility. 

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Strengths Hits!

Pro-dev does not get easier than this. This 32-Week Email Series is delivered straight to your inbox, perfect for busy leaders who want to develop themselves and their people, but don’t have the bandwidth to make it happen. Each week participants receive a personalized, and easy to digest, email to unpack the insights within each of their Top 5 CliftonStrengths. 

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Inside Leadership

True leadership development happens on the inside. This 5 month intensive includes four full-day retreats, 1:1 coaching, a CliftonStrengths Assessment, and monthly pod-style engagements to activate Strengths, orient with values and purpose, and manage limiting assumptions.

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West Michigan Locations

Reimagine On-Demand

Leave the land of burnout behind and build a meaningful life with energy and balance. Move through this 8-part wellbeing series at your own pace, in your own space, with coaches on standby to support you along the way.

8 Episodes

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