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Abigail Verkaik

Abigail is cool. Like lived in Guatemala with her husband and wears polarized sunglasses level coolness. She brings her awesome vibes to AGC as Program Support Lead, getting jazzed about Mail Merge analytics and making us look good with her design skills. Although she is new to the team, she is well acquainted with our work. An alumnus of our Inside Leadership program, she has this first-hand reflection to share: 

“AGC is not your typical Leadership Development firm. Not only is this team hilarious and brilliant, they are transforming what it means to be a leader and they are starting that work with what is going on inside YOU. 

I personally experienced this when I was part of Inside Leadership. I walked into my first session completely doubting my capabilities as a leader. I didn’t think that I belonged in the room. After 4 months, I walked away with newfound excitement, passion, and strength. For years I hadn’t taken the time to stop, breath, and pour into myself. Inside Leadership was the start of me learning how to take better care of myself and in turn, become a better leader, spouse, mother and friend.”

She would love to share more about her IL experience or travel adventures over coffee or her signature drink: vodka + soda with grapefruit. Abigail’s coolness factor extends into her sweet family who recently spent a February day hiking through the dunes in Saugatuck, complete with hammocks and organic mac-n-cheese cooked over the camp stove. Are you convinced yet? 

Despite her cool-factor, Abigail is incredibly down to earth and we are thrilled to have her on our team. She is the kind of human who makes others better simply by being present.

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Vodka Soda with Grapefruit