Abigail Verkaik

Abigail is an expert in creating beauty – in processes, experience design, and communications. In her most recent promotion, we thought the title of Process Design Extraordinaire – Beautification Expert – Director of Activation was a little too long so instead we went with Integrator + Head of Marketing. AG Collaborative would be a mess without Abigail.

An alumnus of our Inside Leadership program, she has this first-hand reflection to share:

“AGC is not your typical Leadership Development firm. Not only is this team hilarious and brilliant, they are transforming what it means to be a leader and they are starting that work with what is going on inside YOU. 

I personally experienced this when I was part of Inside Leadership. For years I ran myself into the ground trying to do everything & be everything. I hadn’t taken the time to stop & breathe and really dig into why I operate this way. I’ve started finding fulfillment in saying “no” and this has allowed me to show up differently – with renewed energy & excitement for the things that really matter. Inside Leadership was the start of me learning how to take better care of myself and in turn become a better leader, partner, mother & friend.” 

She would love to share more about her IL experience or travel adventures over coffee or her signature drink: vodka + soda with grapefruit. Abigail’s coolness factor extends into her sweet family who recently spent a February day hiking through the dunes in Saugatuck, complete with hammocks and organic mac-n-cheese cooked over the camp stove. Are you convinced yet? 

Despite her cool-factor, Abigail is incredibly down to earth. She is the kind of human who makes others better simply by being present.

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Vodka Soda with Grapefruit