Abbey Johnston

Generous with her laughter and humble when she drops her knowledge, Abbey is the real deal. She daily works in the leadership space to empower people – especially women – to be big in the world and unapologetic in their leadership. She’s adamant that humility and confidence are inextricably linked and both are necessary for effective influence. (If you wanna hear her “preach” ask her about this one.)

As a child – while other kids were playing legos or eating crayons – she was people watching and trying her best to sit in on adult conversations. Abbey has always been curious about the how, what and why of people’s thoughts, feelings and behavior. It is no wonder that she is Co-Creator and Co-Owner of this company. 

“Each time a person understands and takes responsibility for their unique influence, the world becomes a better place.  It’s time to stop being afraid of who you are and own it.” 

— Abbey Johnston

Though she hates to talk about it, Abbey is brilliant and has worked hard to harness her own skills. She is a Gallup-Certified Coach with her undergrad in Communications and Psychology from Hope College and her masters in Leadership and Communications from Gonzaga University. In 2019, Abbey completed an Executive Coaching Certification through the ECI Institute at UC Berkeley. Abbey believes our greatest opportunity for owning our influence and impact lies at the intersection of Communications + Leadership.

Abbey met her hottie-husband while co-directing a youth center in Northern Ireland. 15 years later, they made a baby – Eddie Jo  – who is certain to be a power-house of a human given her lineage. This trio spends a lot of time hiking the majestic land of Holland, sharing good food with friends, traveling and eating peanut butter.

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